With smaller weddings still taking place, elopements and micro weddings are becoming ever so popular. So why wait for restrictions to lift? When you can still have a wedding of your dreams that doesn’t hurt your purse or the environment! Enter the latest trend of 2021. ‘Boho Weddings‘.

Boho Weddings’ are infamous for their distinct soft yet romantic feel, inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors. Here are our tips on decorating your perfect eco-friendly dream wedding from a mythical woodland enchanted book.

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Reconnecting with nature

Reconnecting with nature

Explore earthy details and greenery installations for decorations that transform a traditional reception into a beautiful eye-catching ‘Boho wedding’. To create the ultimate ‘Boho’ theme, use dried flowers and feather centrepieces in a rustic style container. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a low table set covered in light linen vintage tablecloth with comfortable patterned cushions for seating?

What to avoid?

It is essential to avoid modern decorations for your wedding. Instead, combine natural elements, antique rugs, fairy lights and macrame décor. A great way to source these unique pieces for your wedding is to scour thrift, vintage and charity shops and give that up-cycled pieces new life for your big day. Alternatively, save your precious time and hassle, opt for bespoke ‘Boho’ wedding planners like ‘The Luxe Occasions’. Who creates your entire decorations and tableware? Tell them the colours or theme you would like, and they bring your unique ideas to life to create the perfect wedding. Visit their Instagram @theluxeoccasion for more details.

The essentials 

The most crucial foundation for a ‘Boho’ wedding is the venue. It is essential to consider which venue will create a natural, rustic atmosphere to suit your weddings aesthetic. With nature on your side this June, many create their ‘Boho wedding’ outdoors surrounded by natural elements like water, fields, or woodland.

The happy couple created their own ‘Boho’ wedding on our Lawn at Ravens Ait, with unrivalled views of the River Thames and Hampton Court. ‘The Luxe Occasion.’ supplied beautiful table settings and decorations that transformed our bright and spacious front lawn for the couple’s micro wedding.


Bogo Weddings

So why not try to embrace your inner child and spirituality by booking a viewing of our beautiful Marquee and lawn space.