As we’re all stuck inside for the next month or so, this can be the perfect time to get your DIY on and have a go at crafting your own wedding decorations!

We’ve come up with 10 crafty DIY wedding décor ideas to keep you busy and to keep the buzz of your wedding excitement alive.


These can be used in such a variety of ways from creating a Polaroid wall to storing cupcakes and party favours. Keep it simple for the classic rustic effect or maybe give it a splash of paint to fit with your colour scheme


DIY invites can be a really nice way of making it more of an intimate invitation. We all love receiving a homemade card as we know it’s made with love and care in mind.

Welcome sign

This is the first thing your guests will see as they arrive to your reception; why not give it an extra personal touch by making it yourself? Grab some paints and a sheet of wood and practice until you’re happy! Add some flowers and foliage to the corners for an extra rustic vibe.

Party favours

Everyone loves a reminder of such a special day, from making CD copies of your wedding playlist to packaging up mini bottles of your favourite spirits, these are intimate ways for your guests to hold onto and remember the day. Craft your own labels for a personal touch.

Name Placemats

Create a sleek and stylish table placement by decorating a tile in the style of your choice! Using a tile in your colour scheme these are a great way to add that little extra something and are also a great takeaway gift for your guests.

Eco Friendly Confetti

From hole punching autumn leaves to small pouches of dried petals, not only is eco friendly confetti unique but it’s also as biodegradable as you can get! Experiment with different styles and textures before finding the one perfectly suited for your day.

Bottle lights

Create a personal touch by using your favourite spirit bottles filled with fairy lights. These are great for table decorations and adding that extra ‘something’ to the decor. What’s even better is that you’ll get to enjoy your favourite drink in the process!

Customisable Masks

The COVID times unfortunately aren’t over but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your wedding in style! Customise not only your bridal mask but also personalise ones for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Using fabric washable masks means your guests will also be able to take this home, wash them and then keep them as a memory of the day.

Rope Vases

Keep your flower arrangements looking perfect in your own rope vases. Simply entwine a rope of your desired thickness around the vase for a beautiful rustic feel. Again, these can be easily fitted around your colour scheme! Not looking for a rustic vibe? Why not experiment with different coloured ribbons?

Mini soap party favours

Party favours are a great way for your friends and family to look back on the day, mini soaps are an adorable way of saying Thank You to your loved ones but also not bombarding them with something they’re never going to use and will just sit in the cupboard! Considering rose petal eco – friendly confetti? Why not continue the theme with a rose flavoured smelling soap!

If you’ve tried any of these we would love to see!

For more crafty wedding ideas visit our Pintrest page and let us know what you think.