Every couple wants their wedding to be unique, memorable, and special – but it’s easier said than done! Remember, weddings usually follow a certain flow, so they can easily become predictable. But yours doesn’t have to be.

Wedding Party

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If you want to throw an epic party that your guests will talk about for years to come, follow these tips.

  1. Consider a unique venue

Step out of the box when it comes to traditional wedding locations by planning a destination wedding. Just make sure you choose a location both you and your partner will enjoy.

For instance, if you love travelling, consider an island experience where you and your guests get to enjoy warm weather and a picturesque setting.

Picturesque Setting

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  1. Offer functional wedding favours

Wedding favours come in various options and sizes, and if they’re not practical, meaningful or useful, your guests are more likely to forget or never use them again. Granted, wedding favours can stretch your budget, but you’re better off choosing something functional if you want your guests to cherish them.

So, consider an item that’s reusable, easy to handle, and uniquely useful. For instance, you could opt for:

    • Stemless wine glasses
    • Customized bottle openers
    • Pizza cutters
    • Cozy blankets
  1. Splurge on the open bar

One thing people hate at planned events is having to buy their own drinks. Therefore, consider splurging on an open bar to make your wedding party memorable. If you’re working with a tight budget, offer just beer, wine, and a few cocktail options but don’t ask anyone to open their wallets.

Take it a notch higher by having a signature cocktail. It’ll make your wedding reception feel more personal!

  1. Arrange pre-wedding activities

As you, your partner, and your wedding party prepare before the ceremony starts, you want your guests to be engaged and active as they wait. If they get bored, they might become restless.

Arrange activities that are accessible and adventurous to encourage pre-ceremony mingling. This can be anything from a wine-tasting session to a mini scavenger hunt that keeps them entertained.


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  1. Plan a surprise during the wedding or reception

Get creative and innovative with your wedding by doing something unconventional to surprise your guests. For example, you could hire a special party band to perform at the reception to get everyone up on their feet. There’s nothing like live music to get everyone excited and engaged – and it’ll be a nice highlight for everyone to look back on afterwards. The genre of music you choose is completely up to you, and another way to stamp your personality onto the day.

The surprise doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple idea that shows your hidden skills or talents and wows your guests is enough to make your party stand out.

  1. Choose a theme

Everyone loves a themed wedding, as they get to wear a costume and play a character for a day. Pick a theme you love and find fun ways to incorporate it into your wedding – from the styling elements to the décor and food.

Ultimately, ensure your wedding has a touch of something unique and different to make it more memorable and enjoyable