You may be brainstorming ideas for your business’s corporate event ready for 2021. Here are a few great ideas for you to keep in mind as well as keeping it COVID safe. Here at Ravens Ait we’ve got plenty of team building exercise ideas for you to think about trying!

1. Egg and spoon race: Our lawn is the perfect space for the good old fashioned egg and spoon race! Bringing that bit of fun and childhood nostalgia to your event will create a lighthearted vibe and be sure to entertain everyone. Our lawn also makes the perfect space to keep a safe distance as well as have room for a sanitizing station

2. Quiz! : Our Britannia Suite is perfect to get your guests into teams and put on a quiz. Maybe even give a prize to the best team name. Our tables are large enough to create space between teams and to ensure no cheating takes place!

3. Inspiring speakers: Corporate events don’t have to be boring. By hiring an inspirational speaker on your topic of choice you’re creating your very own Ted Talks seminar. This keeps your colleagues engaged and they’ll take away something valuable from the day. Depending on party size, our Thames Suite or Britannia would be perfect for this.

4. Grab a Mocktail stall!: As much as we would all like a drink or 2, sadly this just isn’t possible at a corporate event. Glam the day up by hiring your own Mocktail stand complete with barman and servers. No one can say no to a virgin mojito! This can be set up on our lawn whilst lunch is being prepped!

5. Outdoor Cinema: If you’re planning on your event being carried on until the evening, Our lawn and marquee have the perfect setup for an outdoor cinema event. With popcorn being served and a film of your choice up on the big screen, this is a great way to wind down at the event of the activity filled day. Perhaps the quiz winners get to choose the film?

Let us know if you try any or any ideas of your own!