Everyone knows the classic phrase ‘Your body is your temple’. We all know how important it is that you should care for and look after your body. This includes everything from the level of physical activity, to what you consume.

Our Sales team recently took part in The Hitched Wedding Industry Online Summit, featuring a great selection of speakers.

Among them was Louise Westra who discussed how to stay energised and healthy.  She emphasised using this time to; pause, think and reflect. To truly care for our bodies and to be kind to yourself and to others around.

Key suggestions from Louise Westra;

  • Stay hydrated! Recommendation ( Body-Weight in KG ÷ 25 = amount of water to drink daily in litres)
  • Keep up the daily movement. Don’t get swallowed by a couch.
  • Consume Fruit and Vegetables in abundance, exceed the recommended 5 portions daily. Try 10!
  • Eat Fruit and Vegetables rich in Beta carotene.


Keep Up Movement

Healthy Food

Foods rich in beta carotene, Beta carotene is predominantly found in fruits and veggies that are red, orange, or yellow. Beta carotene is the main safe dietary source of vitamin A, essential for normal growth and development, immune system function, healthy skin, and vision.

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Keep up the Movement