With mother’s day just around the corner we thought we would give you some amazing gift ideas to treat your loved one to! Here are our top 4 gift ideas to get you inspired.

Mother's Day

  1. Afternoon Tea

We know that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to lockdown. Pre booking an afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate together and treat your mum to a lovely afternoon out. You could create a DIY version at home, bake some mini cakes and mini sandwiches paired with a bottle of PROSECCO or two and give it your own personal twist. This is guaranteed to be loved by mother’s everywhere!

  1. Home cooked restaurant style dinner

We may not be able to go to a restaurant JUST yet. There are loads of amazing restaurants / chefs that you can order a home kit from. This is not only a great bonding experience but you’re also getting the restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. Add that extra gift by getting personalised aprons for you both.

  1. Home cinema

Why not turn your front room into the perfect home cinema? Cook up some mini pizzas, have a variety of snacks and popcorn and set up fairy lights to create a cosy feeling. Have your mum’s top 3 favourite films to hand and have a movie marathon weekend. It’s something thoughtful and a little different she’s guaranteed to love.

  1. Online shopping trip

 Treat your mum and surprise her by ordering shopping basket that she’s had her eye on! You can have a day of trying on these outfits and seeing which ones she loves. This is a great way to spend the day together and treat her to some lovely new clothes. Jazz things up a bit with homemade cocktails and snacks for the afternoon.

Let us know if you have any other great ideas for mother’s day, we would love to hear !