Saint Patrick’s day Party – A Fun-Filled

Saint Patrick’s day Party – A Fun-Filled

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Where, How, What?

Let take it back to where it all started…

Who was St. Patrick? Long story short, real name Maewyn Succat, was a 5th century Roman Catholic. Born in Roman Britain, which is now England, Scotland & Wales. Who was imprisoned into slavery at the age of 16 by Irish raiders and transported to Ireland.

After 6 years of imprisonment St. Patrick managed to escape and flee back to England, where he received religious instructions before returning to Ireland as a missionary, becoming a priest and introducing Ireland to Christianity.

The legacy of St. Patrick still lives on today through the Shamrock, which he used to explain the Christian trinity to Ireland and spread Christianity, hence the famous association with St. Patrick’s day!

St. Patrick was said to have died on 17th March 461 A.D, However, it wasn’t until 1904 it was officially recognised as a public holiday and celebrated.

He was also said to rid the whole of Ireland of snakes…

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

  1. Most importantly GO GREEN! From the small things such as a subtle earring or green socks to going full on and dressing up as a leprechaun! Make sure there is an element of green to your outfit.
  2. Drink Guinness – Guinness is one of the most notorious associations with Irish culture. The black stuff first came about in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in 1759!
  3. Learn the dance – Irish dancing may not be the easiest dance to learn but may as well give it a go. Grab some of your pals and give it a go!
  4. Learn the Lingo – Indulge yourself into the Irish Lingo learning new phrases such as ‘What’s the Craic?’ meaning what’s going on? Or the Irish version of cheers ‘Slainte!’ but pronounced ‘Slaan – Sha’. Meaning safe, which is a claim to good health

What to do? Raven’s Ait St. Patricks party!

Taking all these jolly tips and tricks into account come join us at Raven’s Ait for our Irish speicals

  • 12th March we are showing the rugby clash between England vs Ireland. Pre book and get a free round of Guinness on your arrival!
  • 17th March we are hosting one off a special St. Paddy’s party, with a night of Irish music, traditional pub grub and of course lots of Guinness with special deals !

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