As the world was struck with COVID 19, a tidal wave of online events, quizzes and streams of live music was introduced to us all. From the comfort of our front rooms we were suddenly able to watch our favourite bands perform, join a never ending stream of Zoom meetings, partake in enough quizzes to last you a lifetime and the ‘House Party’ app became the equivalent to going to the pub. For some these substitutes were a necessary replacement to keeping sane, but for most it just widened the gaping hole of missing human and social interaction even more.


For the most part these were a great way to stay in touch with the outside world as we locked down the shutters to our social lives but these virtual experiences have proven that nothing can quite match up to the real thing. As amazing as it is to see technology advanced enough for us to see virtual shows it still doesn’t beat standing in a crowd, the atmosphere of a busy pub quiz or even just a face to face meeting with your colleagues and peers. The spontaneity of a night out and what it holds has never felt so abundant until now.


With the COVID 19 ever changing rules and government guidelines there’s no telling when this dystopian life will get back to the way it was ‘before’ however, this won’t stop us planning and scheming for when it does. Companies are already stripping back their virtual presence, ready for the go ahead of real life things to happen. As we carry on, the excitement and yearning building up to be able to watch your friends get married, see your favourite performer in the flesh or even just take a road trip is brimming over the edge.


Here at Ravens Ait we strive to engage with our customers and clients as regularly as possible to give our input into the community and to create a base for interaction for everyone to partake in. From our facebook page, Instagram or even this blog post – we love to reach out to everyone so feel free to give us a follow to keep up to date with what’s going on on the island.


We’re still busy planning to be ready for 2021/2022 so don’t hesitate to enquire about our new party packages now with even lower prices. We’re just an email away from your dream event, whenever it may be!

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