One of the things we’ve noticed whilst planning a wedding is we often get asked for ideas and advice on decorating and how to fill a large space.
With wedding limits still at 15, you may be worrying on how to fill out your venue. But not to worry!
There are lots of great innovative ways to get creative with your ideas and to help fill your venue.

Flower walls – Not only are these great for photo opportunities, they’re a beautiful way to fill up a corner of your venue. Varying from small to large and available in a huge range of colours and styles, these are perfectly suited to any theme.

Hanging frames – Ornate gold frames creates a very rustic and authentic vibe for your décor. These can also be teamed up with the flower wall for the perfect shot.

Mirrors – Guests love a selfie! Not only do these look fantastic especially with ornate frames but these are also a fabulous room filler that your guests will love. Add some floral foliage to the sides for a personal touch!

Fairy light backdrops – Once the sun sets for the evening a fairy light backdrop creates the most perfect romantic setting. Opt for the classic white light or a gold for more of a warm feel.

Neon signs – This has become such a popular craze over the last few years. Whether you create a personalised sign or opt for a ‘Happily Ever After’. Not only do these make fantastic backdrops but they’ll be sure to impress your guests.

Chalk Board – Another one for the rustic vibes. A chalk board is a lovely way for your guests to write down their memories of the happy couple or even simply sign their name and add a little note about the day! There are many sprays and paints you can cover the board afterwards to solidify and make sure nothing gets faded away.

Got any other ideas? We would love to hear them! Let us know what you think.